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Flowers are my passion....

We service, Waterbury, Stowe, Richmond, Jericho, Cambridge, Jeffersonville, South Burlington, Burlington, Williston, Essex, Essex Jct., Waitsfield, Warren, Montpelier, Barre and Southern Vermont, Vermont.

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Garden Photos by: Amanda Shepard/American Meadows

Twigs et fleurs

Hi! I am ​​Twigs et fleurs lead designer/owner, Heather Viani. I grew up in Jericho, Vermont, where my love of flowers, nature and design originates.  It started at an early age working with my mom, she owned a commercial gardening business.  I literally knew what a marigold was and how to deadhead by the age of 3.  My love for flowers continued, thru high school to college. I graduated with a business degree from Western State of Colorado and received a floral design certificate from Rittners Floral Design in Boston, Massachusetts. I gained experience working in greenhouses, owning a flower shop, working and learning the ins and outs of the wholesale cut flower industry and managing a perennial business thru an e-commerce gardening company.  All equating to 10 years experience with wedding and events and 15+ years of working in the flower industry. 

I love flowers, being creative and making visions and dreams come to life.  With all this business background, I have always come back to my roots (yes pun intended), where I love to grow and maintain flowers.  I believe in understanding how a flower is grown and where it comes from.  It's led me to grow some of our own flowers but also source from other local growers and vendors. Taking natural elements and creating unique designs is my specialty, but welcome all styles and themes.

I live in Waterbury, Vermont with my husband, daughter and dog named Sally.  Gardening and flowers continues to be something that is important to our family.  My studio is my home, allowing me the freedom to design and deliver to many places in Vermont and New England.